Agriculture Fabric For Weed Control

Weed control fabrics- a full range of gsm, 50/70/100 being the most popular (customized gsm can also be offered) - UV stabilized - 2-3% wherever required are offered in PP Spun bond Nonwovens. These fabrics allow water, air and nutrients to pass through to roots of the plants, but blocks weeds. - Roll Length - standard 300 - 500 mtr or customized roll lengths.


Product Specification


Gsm From 10 GSM To 100 Gsm.
Width Up to 1.6 or 1.8 meters
UV Protection Fully UV Protected


Features Of Weed Control Non Woven Fabrics 


  1. Reduce watering
  2. Allows nutrients and air to permeate
  3. Cuts down garden maintenance
  4. Lends insulation to root systems against sudden temperature changes
  5. Easy to cut and lay
  6. Retards weed growth with a barrier between mulch and soil