Filter is also manufactured from polypropylene non woven fabric because of its unique structure. It achieves outstanding filter performance. Filter is one of the main parts of filtration which is made from 100% pp material. Filter also requires high bonding of points. This high bonding makes strong strength of filter. It is used for improvement of mechanical strength and steady maintenance of accuracy by 3D polymeric fibrous structures.Multi-layer structure guarantees very high separation efficiency throughout the life of the filter. The typical product advantages also include low pressure drop and a particularly high dust holding capacity. Through installation of air filter material on air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and air inlets. There are a various types of filter as below.


  1. Air Filter Media
  2. Liquid Filtration
  3. Automotive Filtration
  4. Panel Filters
  5. Aquasorb – Spun Filters
  6. Aquasorb – Wound Filter